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Home Inspection training in the field
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Home Inspection Training
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Course Materials


Code & Construction Guide for Housing

Canadian Wood Frame House Construction

Home Reference Manual

The Ontario Electrical Code Simplified

The Office of Energy Efficiency Booklets:

Keeping the Heat In
Buying Energy Efficient Windows
Air Leakage Control
Moisture Problems
Improving Window Efficiency
Air Conditioning your Home
Heating and Cooling with a Heat Pump
Heating with Electricity
All About Gas Fireplaces
All About Wood Fireplaces
A Guide to Residential Wood Heating
Heating With Gas
Heating With Oil
Comparing Heating Costs
Operating and Maintaining Your HRV

CMHC Research Reports on Indoor Air Pollution

CMHC Research Reports on Moisture Problems


Various Reporting Samples

*materials may be subject to change depending on availability

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