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Course Outline

 Introduction to Residential Home Inspection - Course Outline

The Home Inspectors Institute® Training Course is a comprehensive 72-hour program held during 9 consecutive days. The course is comprised of formal classroom training for 9 days and field inspections at local residences. Students can plan on 1-2 hours of homework each evening. Classes are kept small, to provide the necessary individual attention and allow for a better learning experience in the field.


Day 1 (Sat.)  get more details

Introductions and Course Overview
Introductory Inspection with a Registered Home Inspector
Report writing/types and methods
Night Assignment

Day 2 (Sun.)  get more details

Taking Care of Business:
Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Insurance, Legal Matters,
Marketing/Advertising and Promotion, General Office Administration,
Communications, Banking & Finance, Tools, Equipment and Vehicle
Night Assignment

Day 3 (Mon.)  get more details

Tech Training:
Excavations, Foundations and Waterproofing
Exterior Structure and Roofing
Wall Systems
Exterior onsite Inspection
Night Assignment/Prep for Mini Test

Day 4 (Tues.) get more details

Mini Test (Material from Day 3)
HVAC, Means of Egress, Fireplaces, Wood stoves
Field Inspection/Night Assignment - Preparation of Inspection Report

Day 5 (Wed.)  get more details

Mini Test (Material from Day 4)
Review of Inspection Report (previous day)
Electrical and Plumbing Systems
Field Inspection/Night Assignment - Preparation of Inspection Report
Prep for Mini Test

Day 6 (Thurs.)  get more details

Review of Inspection Report (previous day)
Mini Test (Material from Day 5)
Insulation and Ventilation, Safety Issues - Smoke, Fire and CO
Detectors, Fire Retrofits, Moisture, Mold and Mildew, Home Security
Evening Session - Round Table Discussion

Day 7 (Fri.)  get more details

Final Field Inspection and Report (for client), On-site Debriefing
Feedback of Inspection Report/Presentation and Methodology
The Week in Review
Night Assignment - Study for Final Exam

Day 8 (Sat.)  get more details

 Exam (4 hours duration)
1-on-1 Client Review of Inspection
Round Table Discussion - What was missed?
Technical Information Session/Guest Speakers
Individual Student Evaluations

Day 9 (Sun.) get more details

Course wrap up and review
Course Evaluation
Trainer/Student 1 on 1 Feedback
Awarding of Certificates
Farewell Brunch


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