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Student Feedback

Student Testimonials about The Home Inspectors Institute "Introduction to Residential Home Inspection" training course, instruction provided, our trainers and text material -

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About Our "Introduction to Residential Home Inspection" Training Program ...

"The Home Inspector's Institute® course was in-depth, thorough, hands-on, organized and professionally taught. The level of energy and competence was very satisfying. As a contractor, the compressed course fit my schedule and lifestyle.

Nicely done guys!"

Stephen McDonald, RHI - Graduate - Registered Home Inspector
Owner - Chelsea Home Inspections
(Former Custom Home Builder)
Member - OAHI - Ontario Association of Home Inspectors - RHI


"Discussions and related experiences that you would never be able to get from a correspondence course or traditional classroom setting. Well worth the money!"

Alex Campbell, RHI - Graduate - Registered Home Inspector
(Mechanical Engineer)
Owner - Acquspec Home Inspections
Member - OAHI - Ontario Association of Home Inspectors - RHI


"Of all the courses I have taken that were sponsored by various Government Bodies and Agencies, this one (Residential Home Inspection with The Home Inspectors Institute®) is probably the most intensive and comprehensive. Keep up the good work! "

Mario Villeneuve, RHI - Graduate - Registered Home Inspector
Owner - Villenueve Home Inspection Services
CBCO - Former Municipal Building Official, Certified Building Code Official, Architectural Technologist and Member of:
OAHI - Ontario Association of Home Inspectors - RHI
OBOA - Ontario Building Officials Association
OPIA - Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association
HRAI - Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Institute
WETT - Wood Energy Tranfer Technologist


"I would absolutely recommend this course. I have had to exit college courses because of poor presentation. This course is the way it should be, no wasted time, great presentation and stellar organization. It's an information ocean but it is organized and geared towards education of the profession.

First class and worth every penny"

Geoff Ward-  Graduate


" This is the first tool that any prospective home inspector should purchase!"

Tom Cressey - Graduate
Electrician - (retired)


"I would recommend this course to anyone who is in the residential contruction field. The material and practical areas would make any contractor a better builder. The pace of the course and the information provided was excellent. This course really shows how little some of us know when it comes to looking at a house as a complete system."

Don Kameka - Graduate
Residential Contractor- Bridon Construction



"I found this course to be well presented with equal amounts of time spent on all aspects of construction. Each individual should leave with a basic comfort level in regards to all systems currently found in homes today. Health and safety issues were well addressed.

Well done!"

Earl Arcand - Graduate
Licensed Electrician - Owner, Arcand Electrical


"For anyone wishing to become a Home Inspector, this program is an intensive, eye opening, information filled beginning that everyone should go through.

The knowledge and experience Paul (Wilson) brings to the program is overwhelmingly priceless and inspiring. To become as detailed and dedicated as Paul is at this profession, will certainly raise the bar for future home inspectors!".

Carl Pedicelli - Graduate
Operations Manager - former custom home builder/framer


Here is a letter that we received from a graduate...

"Kim and Paul,                                                                                       December 2, 2005

First of all, thank you for a wonderful experience. It was an 'eye opener', as we referred to it many times throughout the course. It was a positive experience that I will benefit from in the future, even if I didn't continue my education in this profession. However, am continuing in this field as a result of the confidence and reassurance I gained from this course. Of all the baseline courses required, it is the first one I took. It is a difficult course that requires commitment and discipline for a few days, but well worth it in the end. It is also the most expensive, but if I was uncertain about pursuing this profession, I feel this is the course to take. At the end of the week, you will not be sitting on the fence. You will have likely made a decision. 

The outline of the course was very well done. It touched on all aspects of an inspection as well as running an inspection business, which is just as important. The practical aspect, actually doing an inspection, was excellent. This makes the course worth the value alone. Your experience, Paul, and patience, while doing an inspection with the class was tremendous. I look at my own house in a whole new light and we only did four inspections. These inspections were also a nice change of pace from the classroom setting. Our days were long but I very seldom looked at my watch. You did an excellent job of splitting up the day and keeping everyone alert and interested. The nine days went very quickly. The slides were an excellent learning tool as well as a way to change the setting. With the small classes (ours being five students), the ability to talk openly allowed for all my questions to be answered. Over the period of nine days I had a lot of questions and I can't imagine asking anyone better than you, Paul, with all of your experience. The reading material was very well organized and there was plenty of it. It was a good start to a home office library.  

I don't really have any suggestions as to how you could improve the course. I would have liked more inspections however I realize time didn't allow for it and I wouldn't want to remove any other aspect. Lengthening the course by one or two may deter people from taking the course.  

Kim and Paul, you are a good team and did an excellent job on putting this course together. I would recommend The Home Inspectors Institute to anyone looking to pursue a career in home inspections. 

Thanks for the experience.


Regan Millian" - Graduate



About Our instructor...

"Obviously one of the best in the business - high level of commitment to the students. Interaction was encouraged!"

"Great course!"

Robin L. Hopkins, RHI - Graduate - Registered Home Inspector
Owner - Cana-Spec Ltd
(Former R-2000 Home Builder)
Member - OAHI – Ontario Association of Home Inspectors - RHI


"Paul Wilson's experience in the home inspection business is incredible!

He is able to efficiently and thoroughly share his knowledge with his students, creating a well paced, and well balanced learning environment".

Peter Hauderowicz - Graduate - Professional Engineer
Piotek Engineering Services
OAHI - Ontario Association of Home Inspectors - Student Member


"This course is by far the best training going (far better than the OAHI training programs that I have attended).

Paul is an excellent (and demanding) instructor who is committed to the success of his students – Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!"

Jeff Stonos - Graduate - Engineering Technologist
OAHI - Ontario Association of Home Inspectors - Member


" Well worth the drive to Ottawa...

The best technical course I've ever taken. Lots of great info on report writing and business start-up needs. Paul knows his stuff!

Take this course before any others!"

Alex Neild - Graduate
Welder - Fitter

"It was an incredible course, I have never learned so much in so little time! It is very obvious that Paul (Paul Wilson) really cares about his students, their enjoyment and comprehension of the subject material. The small informal class atmosphere was very conducive to learning, I felt like part of a tight knit family rather than a classified number"

Daniel Bourdeau - General Contractor


"I waited a long time for this course and drove all the way from Nova Scotia. It was well worth the effort - great course. Paul is an amazing teacher. It was great to have someone so knowledgeable, share his insights with us. I appreciated the fact that he kept pointing out where we made mistakes that would likely landed us in court. While a fairly humbling experience for most of us (who though we knew a lot!), knowing what we lacked in knowledge, really opened my eyes and hopefully will make me a more cautious inspector when I finish the other courses I need"

Brett Marrin - Graduate
Facility Management - Halifax Nova Scotia



And About the Course Materials Provided...

"Excellent Course!"

"Quality and quantity of reference materials supplied was excellent. Well worth the trip from Halifax!"

Henry Morin - Graduate - Home Inspector
(Former Construction and Renovation Contractor)


"I signed up for this course because others (other courses) didn't offer as much for the money as this one.  The course materials were excellent and abundant. I would recommend this course to anyone who is really serious about becoming a thorough home inspector. "

Jim Brown - Graduate


Quality, Value and Convenience

The Home-Inspectors Institute® provides quality information at an affordable price, within a practical time frame. The course only requires 5 days absence from any current employment and makes full use of 2 weekends.

This training program has been specially designed for students who wish to obtain knowledge in defect recognition and tips from a skilled professional with years of experience. Small intimate groups of six students or less allow for student interaction and sharing of ideas.   This type of hands-on personalized training is rarely found in larger classroom settings. Students become a tight-knit group and often establish new professional contacts and networking possibilities as a result of their training.

Students benefit by gaining practical experience and useful insights while conducting inspections on local residences. Our compressed schedule accommodates students who can ill afford the additional living expenses or necessary time requirements (loss of income) often associated with longer residential courses.


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