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Course Prerequisites

The following is our list of prerequisite requirements;

Student applications will be accepted for candidates who are or have been practicing members of one of the following Provincial Registrations for the past 3 years or currently working in one of the following disciplines:

Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, Certified Engineering Technologist/Technician, Certified Architectural Technologist/Technician, Provincial Certification as an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Gas Fitter, or other Certified Trade as accepted by the Home Inspectors Institute®, Certified Building Code Official, Provincial Home Warranty Official, CMHC Compliance Inspector, CMHC Fully Qualified Inspector, Ontario New Home Warranty Builder (minimum 3 years), Certified R2000 Home Builder, CMHC Rehabilitation Skills Training Course Level 1, equivalent Provincial Designation by special permission of The Home Inspectors Institute®.

Applications will also be considered for acceptance from candidates who have a minimum of 5 years related experience in the building trade or related profession. A full resume of experience must be included with the application form.

Important Note: Applicants who wish to take the course and do not meet the above entrance requirements may be considered (pending special approval by The Home Inspectors Institute®) should they display an above average understanding of construction techniques and practices.

These applicants however, must understand, that should they successfully graduate from The Home Inspectors Institute's® "Introduction to Residential Home Inspection" training course, they may be somewhat limited as to their options (please refer to our registration form) should they decide to pursue Home Inspection as a future career path based solely upon the knowledge and experience gained via this course. 

The Home Inspectors Institute assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to a graduate's application or acceptance into any professional association.

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