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Home Inspection training in the field
home inspection training is the key to success

Home Inspection Training
Opens Doors...
That might
otherwise remain closed!

Training Programs

Affiliate yourself with a winning team:

Home Inspectors® and the Home Inspectors Institute®

Names of distinction with reputations for integrity

We offer a unique combination of classroom and "In the field" training.
Our hands-on approach has proven to be a winner!

Our course will not instantly turn you into a home inspector but it will open your eyes to the professional and give you a wonderful introduction to this rewarding career


The Home Inspectors Institute® provides you with:

1. Formal Classroom Training

The Inspection
- Roof Systems / Flashing / Chimneys
- Exterior and Interior Walls
- Structure: Foundation to Roof
- Electrical
- Heating, Ventilation and Cooling
- Insulation
- Plumbing
- Maintenance
- Life Cycles and Costs
- Environmental Hazards
- The Inspection Report

2. On-the-Job Training

Using Home Inspectors field-tested, practical and proven "Systems Approach to Inspecting", you'll be conducting complete inspections of homes under the supervision of a Registered Home Inspector.

Recommendation and benefits of obtaining the Registered Home Inspector (RHI) designation.

3. Communication Skills

- Telephone Referrals
- Marketing / Sales / Presentations
- Teaching / Training

4. Our "Trade Secrets" and "Key to Success"

- Systems Approach to Inspecting
- Report Writing

5. Reference Manual on Home Inspections

- Technical Reference Manuals
- Publications

6. Setting up Your Business

- Office set up and administration
- Printing and Marketing Materials
- Advertising
- Equipment, tools, vehicle
- Legal documentation
- Accounting matters
- Insurance protection
- Banking

7. A Sense of Direction

- Our exam will clearly show your areas of technical weakness
- Daily feedback during the course allows for steady improvement
- One on one student trainer feedback will give you a "true sense"of your suitability
- Suggestions as to affiliations with Professional Associations
- Further recommended training suggestions
- After graduation - continued support mechanisms

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