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The new "gold standard" in national home inspection designations in Canada is the "National Certificate Holder" designation. The National Home Inspector Certification Council NHICC has been formed to oversee this new program as a totally independant body that permits both affiliated and non-affliliated Home Inspectors across Canada to apply for this new designation. The Home Inspectors Institute is proud to announce that the NHICC has awarded our "Introduction to Residential Home Inspection" graduates accreditation equivalency of 45 hours technical training and 25 hours of practicum towards their fulfillment of the requirements for this designation. For more information on this new designation.

Canadian Inspectors will find that the easiest way to gain this new certification is through The Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC). This association was formed soley to assist home inspectors across Canada in acheiving their National Certificate Holder designation. For more information on PHPIC visit their website


While home inspection remains unregulated in Canada and Professional Affiliation not mandatory , it is often considered a very important step towards establishing a successful and credible professional career in the home inspection industry. There are several educational requirements required in order to get your professional designation. We suggest that you may wish to visit;

The Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC)
PHPIC is dedicated to assisting all Home Inspector in Canada in acheiving the new National Certificate Holder Designation (NCH). The National Home Inspector Certification Council NHICC is NOT an association but rather an totally independant body that actually governs and awards this new designation. 

CAHPI - ON (The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors) web site at: for more information on gaining the RHI designation.

There are other associations that you may wish to consider as well such as:

The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) at

The American Association of Home Inspectors (ASHI) at

Our "Introduction to Residential Home Inspection" is a fast paced, action packed 9-day course. It offers the winning combination of formal classroom instruction as well as several practical home inspections. This course is ideally suited to individuals who are either Provincially Registered in a related discipline, have significant expertise in construction, or a related field and are seeking a possible career change (please refer to our course prerequisites).

Some of our students have been able to get the cost of their tuition covered by Human Resources Development of Canada. (We regret that we cannot guarantee results in this area as eligibility appears to be dependent on each individual HRDC office's criterion which often differs from one location to the next)

All courses have been suspended until new legislation for home inspectors is passed in Ontario

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