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Home inspection is still TOTALLY unregulated in Ontario?

Virtually anyone with a business card can call themselves a home inspector.
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Know and understand what credentials a Professional Home Inspector should have in order to Protect Your Investment". Skimping on the cost of your home inspection may actually cost you dearly in the long run. Expect to pay a professional fee for a professional service by a truly qualified and designated expert with lots of experience.

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Some important background information on Home Inspection in Canada

In 2006 The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) was proud to
be able to finally launch their National Certificate Holder designation through the creation
of the National Certification Program.

The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors National (CAHPI National) was entrusted to implement and administer the National Certification Program (NCP) on behalf of all private home inspectors. This implementation was established by an elected body comprised of National Certificate Holders (NCH). The governance and structural elements of the NCP were based on "Criteria for Accreditation of Personnel Certification Bodies", CSA Standard CAN-P-9. A National Certification Authority (NCA) with various Councils and Committees was established to operate at arm's-length to manage and control the certification and accreditation processes for home inspectors seeking National Certificate Holder (NCH) status and to recognize successful candidates.

By adhering to the requirements of CAN-P-9, the NCP process was to have been fair and independent of vested interests. The result to date has been a very successful program which continued to grow; there are over 400 registered National Certificate Holders in Canada and 60 Candidates from across Canada waiting to take their TIPR. However, as CAHPI National existed at the pleasure of its provincial or regional chapters, the provincial associations decided in April 2010 to abolish the NCP and transfer the NCA's administration to CAHPI Provincial Chapters. .

Unfortunately in 2010, CAHPI decide to terminate their involvement with the National Certification Program as it was deemed a conflict amongst their membership and a threat the their RHI designation. It should be noted that at the time of their decision to pull out of the program, many CAHPI members were not fairing well in their attempts to gain their National Certificate holder designation, with a failure rate hovering around 20%. CAHPI also did not like the stipulation that industry stake holders put on the program - allowing EVERY home inspector the opportunity to apply, be tested for and successfully obtain the prestigious "National Certificate Holder" designation, regardless of whether or not they belonged to any formal home inspection association. This alone threatened to cut into CAHPI's membership revenues and hence they scraped their involvement stating that they would prefer to hand all certification over to the individual Provincial Chapters.

This move was indeed a blow to the progress and advancement that the industry had been diligently working towards for close to 15 years.

In light of this development, several members of old CAHPI National Certification Program along with many original participants of the CHIBO process that formed the origins of National Certification (NHICC), were not prepared to let their years of effort disappear.

The NHICC is formed

In 2010, the National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC) was formed. 

The National Home Inspector Certification Council(NHICC) is a non-profit corporation controlled by an elected Board of Directors. The main purpose of the  NHICC is to provide a background review and assessment system that will  independently certify home inspectors that meet the National Occupational Standard. The "program" is open to all home  inspectors regardless of affiliation. The NHICC is completely independent and will offer the same values and rigor required for certification  and accreditation as specified by the National Initiative,  minus the provincial association influence. The NHICC is not an association of members, but rather a true certification entity with "registrants" that value independent third-party certification, and accountability to consumers.

To this day, we understand that NHICC is the only Home Inspection certification body in Canada that requires registrants to not only have substantial experience and technical knowledge but also requires them to prove their worth in the field by completing a test Inspection Peer Review (TIPR) in front of an examination board. If successful, registrants of this process are awarded the newly re-named (to include the profession), prestigious and now highly coveted "National Home Inspector -" NHI" designation. All NHI's must be retested in the field, on a regular ongoing basis. In late 2012 the NHICC announced that it has agreed to join forces with the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to work together in increasing Consumer Protection when it comes to Home Inspection. See the Article in the Sun Media.

Industry stake holders are extremely impressed with NHICC's progress and agree that Home Inspectors who are National Certificate Holders, provide their clientele with the highest level of consumer protection available today. See press release and Letter of Endorsement from the Construction Sector Council..

In Canada, there is a national home inspection association strictly for NHI's - National Home Inspectors. The Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada - PHPIC ( pronounced fippic). PHPIC® is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to  supporting the National Initiative for Canadian home and property inspectors across Canada. 

Through its mandate PHPIC® represents the interests of its member and the public by promoting and enhancing member's professionalism and competency.  To become a full PHPIC member, one must achieve National Home Inspector certification with the NHICC® (National Home Inspector  Certification Council) an independent third party certification body.  By achieving this highest level of competency, in the Canadian home inspection profession, PHPIC® awards its members the prestigious PHPI (Professional  Home and Property Inspector) designation of excellence.

PHPIC® is dedicated to helping every Canadian Home Inspector achieve their National Home Inspector designation.  This ensures consumers,  governments,
stake holders, all associated agencies and professionals across Canada that its full members have undergone the highest degree of third party evaluation available.

PHPIC® is the currently the only Canadian home inspection association to be found  in reasonable compliance with CAN-P-9 and hold an equivalency agreement with the NHICC®. For more information on PHPIC visit

For more information on National Certification for home inspectors, visit the National Home Inspector Certification Council web site at Also check out some general Questions and Answers about the National Home Inspector Certifcation Council.

(In November 2006 at the CAHPI National Conference in Calgary, the first CAHPI National Certificate Holders were awarded their new designations. Paul Wilson of HOME INSPECTORS® was one of the first few recipients of this new prestigious designation. Paul has also been chosen by NHICC to be one of their "Peer Review Examiners" for this program (TIPR).)

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