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   Our Home Inspector - Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson, NHI, PHPI, RHI, ACHI - President of Home InspectorsMeet Our Inspector - Ottawa's Expert on New & Old Homes

Paul Wilson, NHI, PHPI, RHI, ACHI

Ottawa's most experienced, respected and trusted name in home inspection is Paul Wilson of HOME INSPECTORS Ottawa. He has been a full time building inspector since 1980 and has personally conducted over 25,000 home inspections in Ottawa since then. Often dubbed as a "Consumer watchdog", Paul's vast knowledge of new home construction issues and his local home inspection expertise have often made him a reliable and knowlegable resource.

When Ottawa media need a housiing expert, it's normally Paul that they turn to. He has been featured on both CTV and CBC television on numerous occasions.

Paul's experience with home issues like former Grow Ops, Radon Gas and Leda Clay in our area make his insights during home inspections a sought after commodity by Ottawa home buyers.

Paul is proud of the fact that he has now been able to assist 3 generations of homebuyers in Ottawa. Almost 50% of our clientele at HOME INSPECTORS, have been referred by clients family and/or friends. Paul's intimate knowledge of the area, it's neighbourhoods, local builders and building techniques, permit him to share valuable insights with his clients on a daily basis.

Home Inspectors ® is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais Region and has developed a reputation for reliable and personal service to it's clientele.  Home Inspectors® is honoured to have won the Better Business Bureau's prestigious "Torch Award" for Marketplace Ethics and Excellence in Customer Service.

Paul has the proud distinction of being a National Home Inspector (NHI) awarded by the National Home Inspector Certification Council ( an unbiased third party testing authority) - This is the highest home inspection designation available in Canada today and the ONLY HI designation that requires field testing and regular re-testing of all it's recipients. He personally conducts all inspections himself at HOME INSPECTORS in Ottawa.

Paul was the Founding President of the Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC) an association strictly for National Home Inspectors. He holds their PHPI (Professional Home and Property Inspector) designation. This group has pushed for licensing of the home inspection profession all across Canada, especially in Ontario!

He is also a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) with The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI also known as CAHPI -Ontario), and a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Paul has been a full time professional home inspector in Ottawa for 33 years and always calls things as he sees them. Many home inspectors align themselves with real estate professionals, he does not. How many real estate agents will continue to refer a tough, thorough home inspector, especially when many of their clients deals fall through as a result of his home inspection findings? Not many. Paul's only allegiance is to his clientele and their interests always come first.

Our reputation for exceptional service before, during and after our inspections and our knowledge and expertise, is unsurpassed in Ottawa. Very few inspectors in Ontario can be compared to Paul Wilson of Home Inspectors.

Paul Wilson receiving a National Home Inspection Award at the CAHPI National Conference

In November 2007 at the CAHPI National Home Inspection Conference in Collingwood Ontario, Paul was honoured as the first TROPEA/HIPPERSON AWARD recipient "for his dedication and contribution to the development of the National Certification Program and the advancement of the home inspection professional in Canada". In 2008 Paul was elected as the President of The Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Ontario - PHPIO (pronounced fippio).

Paul Wilson (centre) being presented 
the Tropea/Hipperson Award

In 2010 PHPIO went National and became The Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC) Paul holds a Professional Home & Property Inspector designation (PHPI) as a National Home Inspector. The Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada, are dedicated to the promotion of National Certification and National Standards for home inspectors across Canada.

Paul's previous background was as a custom home builder/renovator. His knowledge of construction and home building practices in Ottawa, is extensive. Paul was warning clients about Radon Gas exposure and unstable soil conditions in various parts of the city, years before they became headline news items. He gained these sort of insights through years of experience in home inspection in Ottawa. With over 33 years of practical home inspection experience and over 25,000 home inspections to his credit, there is rarely a neighbourhood or builder that he is not familiar with within the Greater Ottawa area. He has literally "seen it all". In collaboration with both the Ottawa Police Drug Squad and the RCMP, he has hosted seminars on Marijuana Grow Operations and Meth Labs and by being able to recognize their traits, has saved many clients from unsuspectingly purchasing a former grow op. He has had articles published on the unstable soil conditions found in many Ottawa area neighbourhoods and has been warning clients for years about the serious risks associated with when accepting a renovators cash deal price reduction. Paul's extensive knowledge of these important housing issues has proven to be of immense assistance to his clientele. His reputation for dedication to professionalism and ethical practice is virtually unsurpassed in this area.

Paul Wilson instucting a class of students during a field inspection Paul Wilson is currently the Head Instructor with The Home Inspectors Institute. A small private educational facility in Ottawa Ontario that offers an "Introduction to Residential Home Inspection" course for professionals and related tradespersons wishing to find out more about this rewarding career. This course is fully recognized and accepted for both technical hours and hands on training credits with The National Home Inspector Certification Council.

Many home inspectors across Ontario owe their entire knowledge of Marijuana Grow Operations and Meth labs thanks to to Paul' Wilsons "Home Inspectors Institute" here in Ottawa. Paul hosted a spectacular day long information session specifically for his home inspection collegues. It was organised in conjunction with the head of the RCMP Grow Operations Investigations and the lead for Ottawa Police Department Drug Squad. Home Inspectors came from as far away as the Maritimes to gain important insights into this growing area of concern. Paul has inspected many former Grow Ops over the years in Ottawa and says homebuyers are often surprised with the types of upscale housing now commonly involved. 
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Back in the '80's, as founding Chairman of the Association of Ottawa-Carleton Building Inspectors, Mr. Wilson spearheaded the establishment of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for the Association which were registered with the Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations of Ontario in 1988. His leadership in this area resulted in his being consulted by the Minister of Consumer & Commercial Relations of Ontario when reforms to The Consumer Protection Act were being implemented.

Paul is committed to raising the standards among his peers and protecting the consumer. As a result of discussions with the Minister of Industry responsible for Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and the National Research Council of Canada, he was elected to a National Home Inspection Certification Steering Committee, mandated to develop the framework and strategy for national accreditation of home inspectors in Canada. Paul has received national recognition for his involvement in this project and is now a Peer Examiner who tests other inspectors to see if they qualify.

New Home Constuction in Ottawa is our SpecialtyHis expertise with new home construction issues over the years has proven him to be a trustworthy reliable resource of information for homeowners and the media alike. Paul has been appointed as Chair for the newly formed "New Home Construction Inspection " project with The Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada where they are pushing to have inspections of new homes become mandatory by third party inspectors. Paul's work in new construction has also earned him the respect of the Tarion Warranty Program and a place on their newest advisory council specifically for Construction Performance Guidelines- Having a Home Inspector as an advisor is a first for Tarion Home warranty and a very positive step towards increasing consumer protection.

Because of his expertise, Paul is often called upon by lawyers in a growing number of litigation and arbitration cases involving new and resale homes. To our knowledge, every case using Paul Wilson's technical support has been won or settled out of court to the client's benefit.

Paul's professional reputation and expertise has led to numerous appearances on national and local television and radio, as well as feature articles in newspapers and magazines. You may have followed the CBC Television series - Canada Now entitled "Home Sweet Home" which featured Mr. Wilson providing his professional observations and comments on the quality of new home construction in the Ottawa area. He has also been a guest on CTV's News at Noon segment on numerous occasions discussing home related topics for consumers.

Paul is frequently called upon to conduct home buyer seminars by local community colleges, legal firms, real estate companies, financial institutions and the media.

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