Home Maintenance Schedule

Home Maintenance is Crucial to Protecting Your Investment

  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check stairs and handrails for safety
  • Replace damaged or insulation-worn appliance cords
  • Test ground fault circuits (by using test buttons)
  • Check bathtub and shower caulking and toilet seals
  • Check wood burning appliances and flues if heating with wood
  • Add activator agent to septic systems
  • Test sump pump
 January / February / March
  • Check snow load on roof
  • Check attic for leaks and condensation and
    make sure vents are not obstructed
  • Clean/change furnace and humidifier filters
  • Oil water pump or fans on furnace
  • Remove holiday festive lights
April / May

Easter Bunny

  • Turn off water to furnace humidifier and replace filter
  • Have your air conditioning unit serviced as required
  • Clear your window wells and eavestroughs
  • Adjust and/or lubricate your window and door hardware
  • Remove and store storm windows
  • Clean and install screens
  • Service and store winter maintenance equipment
  • Paint garden furniture and accessories
  • Seed and fertilize lawn, tend to compost
  • Prepare flower beds and plant garden
  • Extend down spouts away from house onto splash blocks
June / July / August
  • Clean and maintain air conditioning unit as per manufacturer's instructions
  • Clear window wells and eavestroughs
  • Tend to compost
  • Re-grade soil around foundation walls if needed
  • Paint/stain exterior woodwork
  • Damp-proof masonry surfaces
  • Repair fences and decks as required
  • Test door and window hardware for security
    Canada Day
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Oil pumps and fans on furnace
  • Add activating agent to the septic tank system
  • Change forced air furnace & humidifier filters
  • Test door and window locks for smooth operation
  • Check supply of electrical fuses/breakers
  • Test heating/cooling unit thermostats & systems
  • Check stairs and handrails
  • Test ground fault circuit (by using test buttons)
  • Test door and window hardware for security
  • Check/repair bathtub and shower caulking
  • Test the sump pump
September / October / November
  • halloweenPurchase necessary snow shovels, salt and sand
  • Winterize pool and air conditioner
  • Turn off exterior taps
  • Clear window wells and eavestroughs
  • Winterize plants and shrubs
  • Weatherproof windows and doors
  • Inspect roof openings, flashings and weatherproof as needed
  • Have fireplace, wood stoves and flues inspected and cleaned
  • Adjust and oil window and door hardware
  • Clean, oil and store garden equipment
  • Remove and store screens, install storms
  • Clean/change furnace and humidifier filters
  • Check/test fire extinguishers
  • Check supply of electrical fuses, breakers, emergency candles and flashlights
  • Fertilize lawn and garden
  • Prune trees and shrubs away from house
  • Plant spring bulbs
  • Put out bird feeders
 December Xmas Tree
  • Install holiday season lights
  • Inspect all interior decorations, plugs and switches for safety
  • Salt and sand entrances and walkways
  • Check exterior lighting for safety
  • Check fire extinguisher
  • Water Christmas tree daily and turn off lights when leaving home



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